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The Inessa Scientific Team follow key principals as we develop our health solutions for your specific Health Goals: Premium Quality Ingredients, With the right Formulations, In optimal doses.

Premium Quality Ingredients

Scientific Formula

Optimal doses for the best results

Why buy 20 different supplements when you could

BUY ONE and have all the nutrients your body needs?

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Advanced scientific Formulations
Collagen Plus


Make your wellness a part of your everyday routine. 

Inessa's unique formulations contain amino acids in combination with active collagen enhancing ingredients. Offering a more natural and direct route to collagen synthesis and health solutions. 


OUR Commitment

As you will notice, I think good health is the biggest gift we can nurture and I have long found that it is especially important to provide your body with the best quality and the best combination of nutrients.

In order to achieve this goal, I established INESSA Healthcare. INESSA means purity and birth in ancient Greek, aiming to provide you with the best products, the purest natural ingredients, and the most comprehensive nutrition.

We are also developing very nutritious superfoods that will greatly benefit your health. We’ll introduce these to you as soon as possible and I hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Live life with integrity and passion and of course…in good health!!! Mai xx


Feel the Difference with Inessa’s Rejuvenating Collagen+ Supplements

True beauty and optimal health start within the body. Inessa means purity in Ancient Greek and pure, natural healthcare is the focus of our Australian made product range. We have developed a scientific range of tablets which taken daily will provide comprehensive nutrition and help you radiate from within. We combine the purest quality ingredients, sourced primarily from Tasmania, with the right scientific formula to provide our customers with easy to swallow pills that help them boost their body’s natural collagen and age gracefully. Why buy a whole host of vitamin tablets when you only truly need one? We currently have 3 amazing supplements in our range and will soon be expanding into nutritious superfoods as well. View all our products online and have them delivered right to your door.

Browse All Our Collagen+ Supplements Online

Many of us associate collagen with the chemicals used in cosmetic injections, but did you know it occurs naturally in the body? By supporting your natural collagen production with the right vitamins and minerals you can improve your skin elasticity and maintain a youthful shine. Collagen supplements and pills are already popular in the Japanese and South Korean beauty markets; true trendsetters of the global stage. Now, thanks to Inessa we’ve brought the same natural healthcare and beauty regime to Australia’s sunny shores. Our Beauty Boost tablets contain alpha lipoic acid which is a powerful antioxidant helpful in supporting your natural collagen reserves and increasing the efficacy of essential vitamins like vitamin C. This superpowered acid can be found in foods such as broccoli and spinach, but supplements and tablets can provide an extra concentrated boost and are so easy to take each day. Our customers love the unique combination of glucosamine and shark sodium chondroitin in our Joint Health pills which they say has improved joint stiffness, inflammation and pain. Finally, we have the Total Body Care pills which include a mix of 13 active ingredients to support all of your body’s essential functions; from heart health to immunity. We’re so sure that you’ll love whichever supplement you choose to buy, that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Free Delivery for Our Collagen+ Range within Australia

Forget about endless trips to the chemist to buy a whole range of vitamins and minerals individually. Inessa’s scientifically formulated products provide the essential boost you need in one convenient tablet. When you buy any of our products online, you’ll receive free shipping anywhere within Australia. Questions about our online store or natural products? Get in touch using the online form, our team are always happy to help.