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December 18, 2018 0 Comments


The importance of strong health bones is preached to us as children but it can be difficult to follow through with the advice as adults. There are three significant nutrients that are vital for bone strength: Calcium, Vitamin D, and Collagen. These nutrients are crucial during periods of growth, however, should you develop bone and joint diseases, small dietary changes have the ability to slow and prevent damage.

Ensure you are reaching your daily requirements by incorporating these foods into your daily routines.

  1. Yogurt- yogurt is not only rich in calcium but is fortified with Vitamin D. Make sure you avoid Greek yogurts if you’re hoping to boost your bones. Greek yogurts, although packed with protein, contain less calcium and often insignificant amounts of Vitamin D.

    TRY- Begin each day with a bone boosting breakfast of yogurt and muesli topped with delicious Manuka honey to taste.

  2. Salmon- Salmon is already a popular choice to fulfil your omega 3 requirements, but did you know that a serving of salmon also contains up to 100% of your daily Vitamin D! Look after your body and mind by incorporating this super protein into your diet.

    TRY- Salmon is an easy and crowd-pleasing dinner for the end of a busy work day. Pair it with poached eggs for an extra dose of Vitamin D.

  3. Spinach- If dairy is not part of your diet; spinach is a great way to look after your bones. One cup of cooked spinach contains almost 25% of your daily calcium. Plus fibre, iron and Vitamin A make this green vegetable a pillar in non dairy diets.

    TRY- Get your mid afternoon pick me up with a smoothie packed full of fruits and super charged with a handful of spinach.

  4. Orange Juice- Pressed for time? No worries, the majority of bottled ready to drink orange juices on the market are fortified with calcium and vitamin D. Bottoms up for bone health with a glass of OJ. Look around and make sure you read the labels to find the most nutrition packed options in your local supermarket.

    TRY- Pair your orange juice of choice with your yogurt and muesli to have a calcium and Vitamin D packed breakfast.

  5. Nuts- all nuts contain high levels of calcium. Almonds contain up to 200mg of calcium per serving in addition to omega fatty acids, potassium, fibre, and protein; all of which support strong healthy bones.

    TRY- Keep a container of almonds or a tub of almond butter at your desk at work and snack your way to healthy bones.

  6. Soy milk- it may be a surprise to learn that despite cow’s milks impeccable reputation for being high in calcium, soy milk is not too far off. Soy milk is becoming increasingly popular as the health benefits are recognised. Soy milk contains 25mg of calcium per 100mg without the cholesterol and saturated fats of regular cow’s milk.

    TRY- swapping the milk in your coffee to soy will provide the calcium you need while still keeping cardiovascular health in check. 
  1. Supplements- Still not sure you can commit to dietary changes? A supplement is a fuss free and convenient way to nurture your bones. Supplements containing shark chondroitin and glucosamine hydrochloride will further boost and maintain bone health. Supplements ensure that you are reaching the recommended intake each day, and are easy to incorporate into a daily routine.

    TRY- Inessa Joint Health is a premium scientifically formulated bone and joint supplement that contains all of the nutrients necessary, and a few more, for bone and joint health. A premium supplement will ensure that the quality and formulation of the product is of the highest standard for your health.