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The Inessa team receives countless messages from Australians who don’t understand collagen and don't have the hours needed to find reputable answers to questions. To save you time and energy, today we will be taking three of your most frequently asked questions and giving you the information you need to make an informed choice about your body.

What Stimulates Collagen?
Katie, QLD

Collagen is stimulated by providing your body with all of the nutrients it requires. Collagen is a protein within your body that is in all connective tissues and as with all proteins your body needs an adequate quantity of nutrients on order to continuously produce the necessary levels of collagen. It is often claimed that collagen can be ingested through food or beverages, collagen shots are a particularly popular solution, though when the collagen as a raw ingredient reaches the stomach the body breaks this down into amino acids and other nutrients. Your body then absorbs these nutrients and puts them to use in a hierarchy of importance. Essentially, your body is having to do twice the work, it has to break down the collagen into its usable form and then has to reabsorb it and produce the collagen protein. Furthermore there is no guarantee that the body will assign the nutrients for building collagen.

Inessa works through providing your body with the quantity of essential vitamins and nutrients that it needs so that your body has an adequate level to ensure all nutrients go towards collagen stimulation. Inessa has also created a unique formulation where each ingredient has been selected for its efficacy and its ability to enhance the efficacy of other ingredients. Inessa has been designed to be a complete and harmonious formulation that works to directly stimulate collagen production within the body.

Can you rebuild collagen?
Sarah, VIC

Yes you can. Being a protein within the body, collagen depletion can be a sign that you are not providing your body with the wholesome vitamins and nutrients needed for proper bodily functioning. By fully nourishing your body you are able to enhance natural collagen production and this will time give the health and beauty effects that collagen is praised for. Collagen depletion is also a natural process in aging, so it is especially vital that those over the age of 30 are aware of and fulfilling their bodies needs.
Inessa is able to assist in the rebuilding of collagen through enhancing your nutritional intake and providing your body with an effective formulation designed to have each ingredient strengthen the efficacy and efficiency of each other.

How can I restore collagen in my face?
Lucie, VIC

Yes, and no. Unfortunately there is no way to choose where your body first puts this vital protein to use. Your body will naturally prioritise where these nutrients are put to use.  In saying that, when your bones, joints, muscles and organs are robust from the collagen boost the nutrients will show through your complexion. Outer beauty truly is a reflection of inner heath, so although you can’t request that your body utilises the collagen to amend the signs of ageing , you will glow from within and experience the outwardly visible benefits of enhanced collagen production.