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Silica is a beauty trace mineral compound that is comprised of silicon and oxygen [i]. We are surrounded by silica or silica derived products every day, glass, ceramic, grass, rocks, and even computer chips.  Silica is also found in significant concentrations within our body’s skeletal system and connective tissues. Silica is often only known for its ability to strengthen nails and hair, but its abilities to improve health and well being go far beyond these.

Silica is part of a healthy balanced diet, but in the last 50 years we have been consuming less and less. It is found in all, grains, vegetables, particularly leafy greens, as it is absorbed into the vegetable through the soil. Often the foods we consume now are over processed or grown in vitamin derived soil which leads to produce that lacks nutritional substance. It has been argued that in this modern day, we are all silica deficient to some extent.

 Silica is crucial in the collagen production process, and it is the abundance of collagen within the body that gives us a firm and glowing complexion, shiny hair, and strong nails. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, making up 25%-30% of total proteins [ii]. Collagen is in all connective tissue found in the body and is necessary for optimal bodily functioning. As we age the body’s ability to generate collagen declines, we can no long produce it as quickly as our body requires it. The reduction in collagen production is partially due to the body’s inability to metabolise essential nutrients, including silica [iii].  This is why as we age our skin elasticity declines, hair loses its soft texture and shiny appearance, and our bones and joint weaken.  Collagen is the primary ingredient for youth.  

Silica is undeniably an important factor in bone health. This has been scientifically proven by numerous studies in over 30 years of research [iv].  Higher silica intake has been associated with increased bone mineral density [v]. Low bone density is a known risk factor for osteoarthritis and can lead to a wide range of injuries during the aging process [vi].

Heart health is one of the major issues associated with aging, and it is the single leading cause of death in Australia [vii]. Adequate silica intake reduces formation of hard plaque in arteries leading to the heart. Build up of plaque in the arteries can lead to heart attack, stroke, and various other cardiovascular diseases. Silicon supplements can assist in reducing the formation of artery blocking plaque and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. [viii]

Silica can impact positively on bone, tendons and ligaments, joints, skin, nails, hair and the heart. With so many important health benefits we need to ensure that we are consuming enough silica to see and feel the effects. Inessa views silica as being a crucial ingredient in our targeted formulations. Our Beauty boost, Total body Care, and Joint Health, all provide you with your daily intake. We provide you with premium; research based formulations so that you feel confident in knowing your body is strong and capable to tackle life’s adventures.


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