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January 19, 2019 0 Comments


Summer is racing past and will soon be a memory of hot days by the pool with a glass of your favourite cold beverage at hand; but try not to let the glass of water stray too far out of reach with the sun out. The need for regular and adequate hydration is always important during the summer months, but it’s important to recognise that an icy glass of lemon water does more than just cool us down after a long day, and its benefits are necessary year round.

 Water is a miracle worker for optimal health. Hydration can impact gut health, muscle mass, sleep patterns,  happiness and mood, weight loss, skin health… the list really is endless. The Average woman needs to drink 2L or 8 glasses of water per day, it may sound daunting but there are several easily implemented tips to ensure you’re drinking your way to a healthier life. 

Tip one: Make water drinking smart.
Bring your water drinking habits to the digital age with a great free hydration reminder app.  The app store is full of water trackers, custom alarms, and gamified apps to bring your hydration to the forefront of your mind. These apps are a fun way to build positive hydration habits and integrate them seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. Put them on your phones home page for a constant reminder to drink water, even if you don’t engage with the app itself, the visual queue alone will have you reaching for a cool glass of life sustaining liquid.

Tip two: Invest in a nice bottle
 It may sound cliché but investing in a water bottle that embodies you will make a big impact on your water intake. By purchasing a bottle that you love you are more likely to take the bottle with you as you go about your daily routine, and miss it when you forget it at home. Choose a bottle that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, consider the size and design of the bottle to be sure your choosing one that will last the test of time.  With this tactic you’ll be saving the environment and your back pocket as well, you’ll never need to fork out for a disposable bottle again.

Tip Three: Think outside the glass- Eat your water

A healthy and balanced diet isn’t only beneficial for the nutrients it provides our body, but the hydration too.   Up to 20% of our daily water intake is actually from the food we consume.  If you are struggling to drink your 8 glasses of water each day, the simple solution is to eat your water. Fruit and vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, watermelon, strawberries, and zucchini are all incredibly high in water content. Not only will they provide your body with vital nutrients and vitamins, they will ensure you are sufficiently hydrated.