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April 19, 2019 0 Comments


Hi fellow joint pain sufferers.

My name is Ray and my wife Mai and I started Inessa Healthcare about 2 years ago after realising that the medication we wanted and needed was not available.

Mai needed supplements after giving birth to our second son and I had serious problems with my joints to the extent that my specialist wanted to operate and give me new hips and knees.  A prospect I was not very enthused about as you will appreciate. Let me share my story with you:

Due to me participating in high intensity sport like Rugby Union and full contact Muay Thai for many years my joints, especially my hips and knees as well as neck, had suffered some serious damage.  This in combination with the onset of arthritis was a recipe for disaster.

It got so bad that I was in pain most days and would wake up in pain most nights as well.  So from feeling like kingkong I had become almost crippled in a matter of a few years.

With the only viable option being an operation I decided to formulate a Joint Health product with our specialist team that would be the best you can get.     I wanted something that would truly help me.  We realised that a combo of Glucosamine and Chondroitin would work best.  We used only the best ingredients with the optimum formulation.

We choose Shark Chondroitin instead of Bovine Chondroitin and Hydrochloride Glucosamine instead of the Sulphate Glucosamine that everyone else is using.  Shark is 100% cartilage and the chondroitin many times more effective than bovine chondroitin. Sulphate glucosamine is so instable that huge amounts of sodium (table salt) is added to stabilise it.  It is actually so bad it is illegal to be traded or sold in Northern Europe. Here everyone is using it as it is cheap. We decided for hydrochloride glucosamine instead.

The benefits were very significant.   I started out with four pills a day and within three weeks I was pain free!!!  From there onward I have only used two pills a day as a maintenance dose. From being hardly able to walk the stairs I am back at doing karate again.   I can lift my young kids again without a problem and feel reborn.

Don't believe my story?  Try it yourself….. I sincerely hope it will do the same for you as the Joint Health supplement did for me.

We would love to hear how you go.