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Post-partum hair loss is very common and normal among new mothers, but that doesn’t stop most women having a minor panic attack when they begin to see their hair fall out in clumps. Don’t fret though, as we will explain why, how and what you should do to give yourself a confidence boost during periods of hair loss.

What is happening?

Whilst pregnant, women experience many hormonal changes. The particularly significant increase in estrogen extends the life cycle of your hair and lessens the rate of typical hair loss. This also leads to women experiencing hair that looks and feels thicker and healthier during pregnancy. Once you’ve given birth these hormones can drop off and return to normal quite quickly, your hair will begin to fall out at the typical rate that it did before pregnancy, and often times more so, due to the having a higher volume of hair. Breastfeeding can also contribute to hair loss as the body’s hormone levels are inconsistent and some hormones associated with breastfeeding are connected to hair loss too. Rest assured that you are not losing any more hair than you died previously, your hair will return to its state before pregnancy, which although may seem thinner by comparison to your lush pregnancy glow locks, is your natural hair volume and thickness.

How much hair and how long?

It is difficult to say as every woman is very different and more so, every pregnancy experience is widely different. Some women feel they lose very little and may only find a few extra strands here or there, whilst others may start finding hairballs in the shower. Generally you should have hair loss concerns for no longer than one year, if this is the case you should consider speaking to your GP. The hair loss can begin at any stage post-partum, some women report it starting that week, whilst others don’t notice til 3 or 4 months later.

Need a confidence boost?

Having a child changes every aspect of your life, and it is understandable that women would feel the need for a pick me up to remind them of themselves. Here are a few time short tips to help combat post-partum hair loss and boost your self confidence.

  1.  Massage

Stimulating the scalp can increase oxygenated blood flow and promotes healthy hair follicles and hair growth. Brushing your hair will do the same trick and increase stimulation - but any excuse for a massage is a good excuse.

  1. Consider diet and supplements.

You always provide your baby with their full needs, so don’t neglect yourself. For healthy hair and increased hair growth ensure you are getting your daily dose of iron, protein, silica, biotin and give your body a beauty boost through nutrition.

  1. Lash out on a volumising shampoo.

A good quality volumising shampoo and conditioner will nourish the hair while not weighing it down or making it fall flat. Today’s hair care technologies has come so far that a good shampoo can provide noticeable lift and give the appearance of thicker hair.