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Hi, my name is Mai and I love sharing what drives and motivates myself and Ray, my husband, and more importantly how that can help you. I am originally from Japan and in my search to discover more about the world and myself I left my hometown of Nagoya to travel to Okinawa Island and later Nepal. The pure, natural and healthy lifestyle I experienced there was amazing and had a huge impact on the choices I made throughout my life.

Ray is originally from Holland. He has had 40 years of adventure and experiencing life off-the-beaten-track. He lived with the Bedouins in Syria, spent time with the Pygmies in the Congo and travelled through the Amazon delta in the war area between Ecuador and Peru. Ray’s stories of survival through extreme wild conditions are documentary worthy! He’s the wild nature man…. Although a lot calmer now.

When we met in Australia, there was an instant attraction and we decided to call Australia home. This is where we started our family and continue to pursue our dreams. We started Slendier, a Japanese vegetable-based pasta and rice alternative, in our spare bedroom and 6 years later boasted distribution across 20 countries worldwide. That inspired us to create premium beauty, joint and total body care medicines as well as natural superfoods that are wholesome and as pure as can be. Inessa which means PURE in ancient Greek, was created. Inessa is here to help you live a fuller, healthier life, and look after yourself…..from Within.

The Inessa way of life is one of simply providing yourself with the building blocks and nutrition that your body needs. With the right ingredients, in the right combination, in the right doses for specific health gains. We thought there must be better ways to look after yourself in a sustainable and effective manner. To age not only gracefully but successfully. With success we mean to feel and look beautiful, energetic and rejuvenated and to have a frame that will work not only as good as it gets but also for as long as possible.

Now we have again chosen a road less taken. We realized for a long time that our health, beauty, well-being and the integrity of our frame is all determined through our nutritional input. How our body feels and looks will impact our energy, confidence and quality of life.

We have a very strong bond with Australia, and in particular, Tasmania. We have tried hard to source as many as possible of the ingredients for our medicines and superfoods from this fertile and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Mai xx