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Fashion Designer (30/06/18)

As a premium fashion designer with a hectic schedule I need products that work to keep me looking and feeling vibrant. I started researching collagen supplements and selected Inessa for the detailed formulation, which I use as an all in one skin hair and nail super peel. I particularly love the glamourous packaging and the lux feel of the box.

Corporate Lawyer (01/08/18)

With a pressured, corporate career I like minimal makeup but need a polished look, and I need the best, low maintenance beauty routine. The combination of ingredients in the collagen plus supplements helps generate fresh skin from the deeper epidermis layer. My skin feels more hydrated and I'll be sticking with this product as my core supplement, as it helps with my ageing skin needs.

HR Expert and Workshop facilitator (03/08/18)

As a Human Resources Specialist and mum to 3 girls, I am constantly dealing with people and also want to be a superb role model to my daughters. I have embraced ageing and am proud of all the positive advantages ageing can bring - wisdom, patience and fortitude! The switch from topical creams and anti-wrinkle miracle lotions to supplement based health care was for me another “wise” decision.

Feeding my skin from the inside with all the vitamins and minerals to support collagen production is a logical treatment plan. As I have used the Inessa Beauty Boost, my skin has become more vibrant, my hair is glossier and my nails aren’t chipping as easily. I also am raising 3 daughters who are inquisitive with independent minds, and have heightened interest in the best health care, sensible “beauty” ideals and self-care based on quality principles, not marketing “hype” and brand noise.

Casting Agent (13/08/18)

As a Talent Agent, I’m constantly dealing with talent and organising casting work, for a range of clients. As a 46 year old women the signs of aging are definitely showing, so I have started to take Inessa. The tablet is so easy to take and after a few days my skin has a nice glow that I've really noticed. I highly recommend it especially if your not a fan of makeup.

Teacher (22/08/18)

As a teacher at a primary school, I work all day 5 days a week with little kids. I have to wake up early in the morning and putting on makeup takes up a lot of time. The awesome mix of vitamins and minerals in the Inessa product, take the best care of my skin from the inside. This gives my face a nice glow everyday so I don’t need to rush in the mornings. I have been getting compliments from my colleagues and have suggested that they use Inessa too.

Public Relationship (11/08/18)

With a long time career as a PR Manager the early signs of aging crept up pretty quickly. For years I’ve been aware that the top dermal layer of the skin is inactive dead skin. Having managed PR campaigns for beauty brands who survive mostly on fancy packaging, big ad campaigns, celebrity endorsement and buzzwords. With my renewed interest in effective anti-aging treatments, the Inessa Beauty Boost is an excellent skin supplement to nourish the collagen fibres in the deeper levels of the skin.

Dance Teacher (28/08/18)

As a dancer, I’ve used a lot of heavy stage makeup and have noticed the negative effect it has on my skin. In my mid 30’s I'm now much more mindful of preventative measures. I have read a lot about the skin and treatments that actually work.

I love the Beauty Boost supplement and my skin definitely feels healthier and has an in glow I was missing before.

Interior Designer (07/08/18)

With a prestigious client base, I need to look and feel my best to continually manage my round the clock schedule and highly engaged client base. I’ve been a long term advocate for vitamins and minerals, to maintain my health. Recently all the research on collagen supporting supplements have reminded me of the importance, of the best nutrients to support the integrity of my skin's collagen.

Noticeably my skin maintains it's vibrancy despite the late nights and early starts. Unexpectedly my hair and nails have both responded with a renewed strength and durability.

I won’t be wasting anymore money on expensive creams that really just serve to coat the top layer of dead skin with a temporary sheen, I wish I started collagen supplements 10 years ago!

Lawyer (18/08/18)

As a Lawyer, I’ve long acknowledged that applying topical creams to the skin's surface is an obscene waste of money. To have maintained a healthy diet and to be keeping hydrated, have always immediately improved the condition of my skin. The addition of vitamins and minerals used in the Inessa product, has helped boost my skin’s health and helped maintain a clear and smoother skin surface.

Mum of four (24/08/18)

As a mum of four and health fanatic, I care about natural health and have zero time for any fuss in my life. I wear minimal makeup, daily sunscreen and drink a lot of water - but the signs of aging are a natural part of the process.

I have always turned to supplements and natural solutions for health, and the Inessa Beauty Boost ticks all boxes for me - and I know with just one tablet morning and night, I feel more assured Im giving my skin best care to keep me looking as good on the outside as I feel on the inside!