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Nourish Your Joints
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An essential blend of the effectiveness of hydrochloride glucosamine enhanced with shark sodium chondroitin to nourish and support cartilage and joint mobility, improved lubrication and cushioning.

May improve joint mobility, cartilage formation, lubrication and cushioning. Dual action with Glucosamine Hydrochloride for cartilage formation. Shark Sodium Chondroitin for anti-inflammatory properties and returning joint function to normal range. May relieve joint inflammation and swelling, symptoms of mild arthritis/osteoarthritis. 

120 Tablets


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Joint pain, stiffness and inflammation are common complaints for so many of us. We’re prepared to try or buy as many supplements, tablets and pills as it takes to relieve the discomfort and get back to our fit, healthy best. Inessa is a natural healthcare brand featuring Australian made pills and supplements for radiant beauty, whole body support and joint care in our online store. Our Collagen+ Joint Health tablets are scientifically formulated with optimum ingredients, like glucosamine, for improvements in joint mobility, cartilage formation and cushioning. We believe in the power of great nutrition to improve your everyday health. Our pills and supplements have been scientifically formulated to care for your body on the inside, so that you can radiate beauty, health and strength on the outside. We focus on all natural ingredients, sourced primarily from Tasmania.

How Many Joint Pain Tablets Have You Tried?

There are plenty of supplements out there with the potential to improve your joint health and relieve joint pain or discomfort. Glucosamine, magnesium and vitamin B6 have all been scientifically researched for their benefits to joints, cartilage and inflammation. Why buy them all when you could save time and money on a single, superpowered product? Our pills feature dual action glucosamine hydrochloride for better joint health and cartilage formation. Combined with our other unique ingredient, shark sodium chondroitin this formula is ideal for joint function and reducing inflammation. You’ll also benefit from added magnesium and B6 which are essential to our body’s performance. With the convenience of our online store, you can order our health boosting tablets at home and receive them just days later at your door.

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If you’re seeking a natural solution to your joint pain, try our Joint Health supplements featuring glucosamine and shark sodium chondroitin. You can buy all our natural supplements in the online store with free shipping available to customers in Australia. Our products are proudly made in Australia and we use only the most premium quality ingredients because our customers deserve the best. If you have any questions, get in touch and our team will be happy to help.