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The Inessa Scientific Team follow key principals as we develop our health solutions for your specific Health Goals: Premium Quality Ingredients, With the right Formulations, In optimal doses.

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Collagen Plus


Inessa Collagen plus supplements offer a premium collagen solution with the least cellular energy exertion. Regardless of how collagen is digested, it breaks down within the stomach to a format the body can utilise, amino acids. The Inessa unique formulation contains amino acids in combination with active collagen enhancing ingredients. Offering a more natural and direct route to collagen synthesis and health solutions. 


OUR Commitment

As you will notice, I think good health is the biggest gift we can nurture and I have long found that it is especially important to provide your body with the best quality and the best combination of nutrients.

In order to achieve this goal, I established INESSA Healthcare. INESSA means purity and birth in ancient Greek, aiming to provide you with the best products, the purest natural ingredients, and the most comprehensive nutrition.

We are also developing very nutritious superfoods that will greatly benefit your health. We’ll introduce these to you as soon as possible and I hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Live life with integrity and passion and of course…in good health!!! Mai xx